Ukraine on the fire

Ukraine on the fire in Ukraine-Russian war

Yevhen Karas, serviceman of UA Army

Yevhen Karas, serviceman of UA Army

Yevhen Karas, serviceman of Ukrainian Army revealing Moscow strategy. Sure, he not native eanglish and for this reason him speach have some problems. For example when Yevhen says there’s no need to “scare russians” he really means “there’s no need to be afraid of russians”.

But all Europeans and Americans, you have to listen to that speech!

It is very useful for people in other countries to understand us. Support Ukraine, we need more weapons and air defense to defend not only Ukraine, but also all Europe. When you help Ukraine – you help yourself! And help their governments to understand that if they will not support Ukraine now as much as it’s needed, russians would come with war to them next.

Yevhen Karas:

Tanks and stupid people are the main resources of Russia.

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Yevhen KarasAbout Yevhen Karas

Yevhen Karas took an active part in the Euromaidan events on the side of the protesters.
After the start of the hybrid war that Russia started in 2014 with the occupation of Crimea, Yevhen Karas joined the battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was on duty at a checkpoint in the Volnovakha district, identifying accomplices of pro-Russian terrorists. Later joined other Battalion, which specialized in intelligence and anti-sabotage operations.

In November 2018, Russia imposed nominal sanctions on Ukrainian figures. But she confused current Yevhen Karas, with his namesake, Yevhen Karas, who runs an art gallery in Kyiv, and introduced them against the latter.

In February 2022 Yevhen joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


And the question for direct translation, to make all phrases translated with all details from Ukrainian version. So on your opinion, what is the best translation of word “додіки”?
“Dummies” have acoustic similarity but doesn’t fit perfectly. Maybe “Dumbass” or “Douchebags”?


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Please share.

Please share.

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